Keep Less Get More

Like the light coming from the warm shelter so carefully known as home, the metal markers hugged tightly within an old tree calmed my feeling of uncertainty. Why does the raw signature speak to me so clearly? Why does the trail beckon my soul and fill it with a purpose so great that not a thing in the world can touch? It is here where I remembered that happiness comes with simplicity. It is here where I remembered that less really does mean more. It is here where I remembered the child that is me. It is here where I remembered who God is.

With feet nearly unmarked by blisters for the entirety of my travels, I realized that I had walked thousands of miles in lives beyond this. It came easy. I don’t mean to discredit the severity of the pilgrimage for it takes more than strength of the body to overcome, but my soul had done this more than once before. It was blissful. Though in my past lives this was a way of life, following the growth of food, the sun, and the seasons. In past lives I may have walked alone, or with a tribe but always with a strong independent soul and a determined mind. Most people say I could not do what you did. Well no, you couldn’t. If your mind has made the decision that you cannot do something, then you are not ready to do it and you will fail. I didn’t know in my heart if my body could do it but my mind wanted nothing else but to succeed. Your body WILL do anything as long as your mind keeps pushing.

Today, I cannot get away from the cries I hear from the wilderness. The sound of the dirt awaiting my return, wondering why I have vanished into the warm glow of a shelter. I ask TheOne/Thelight/TheSelf to give me guidance everyday to answers already know within. I can feel the mist of Washington on my face even in the warmest and driest of places. I can see the desert sun of California through my eyelids even when there is no light. I miss the sounds at night that stirred my fear, and the power I felt the morning after realizing once again that there is nothing to be afraid of in the WILD. I miss my dirty legs and my open chakras. I miss my quiet and clear mind. I miss feeling absolutely in heaven with where I was and what I was doing. Most of all, I miss my smile and my heart.

It is out here in society, where people have been taught to fear each other, to fear nature, to fear adventure, to fear what is different, where the murder truly occurs. The murder of self, the murder of our true essence, the murder of peace. I pray that I do not succumb to the death that the city can bring to a soul. Which I laugh about because I have Gods strength now and I will not turn back. I pray that I can find my breath and my quiet mind even in the city. Nothing is permanent. I have found MY true purpose in life, which in MY opinion is to be happy, to lead by example, to do “work” that spreads happiness to others. I am not sorry if you have not found this because it takes a leap of faith and going against the grain completely to learn it. YOU GET BACK WHAT YOU PUT OUT so don’t be a selfish selfless bum just be a bum. The purpose of life is here for everyone to find but it will not be found by the undeserving. Catch me out pounding my feet into that soil until I am beneath that soil.


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