My name is Ettie although some people know me by my wilderness name Makeshift. I am 24 years old and am determined to live a life where I get to do exactly what I want. It is going well so far. This blog has been a way for me to re-connect with my 2016 thru hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. I have been going back and looking over my journal to share some of the stories I have from the journey. Eventually I will catch up to my present life but these stories are important to help readers understand life as it is for me right NOW.

A lot of growth happened over 5 months in the wilderness, and those things I feel can help others especially my fellow ladies, get through their day to day struggles. One of the main things that I continue to struggle with is living a life that makes ME happy and not my ego. If you have ever dreamt of doing something amazing then set is aside to go the safe route, then maybe we can help each other face our fears. If you have ever felt the pressure to dress, act, change your appearance because of societal ideals, then maybe we can help each other be comfortable in our own skin.

Eckhart Tolle says that your story is not who you are, they are just things you have done. Doing is not who you are. I am I. My smile is who I am, my tears are who I am, and my heart is who I am.

What I am not but the things I have done that brought me to where I am right NOW

Born in Redding, CA and moved all over California. Moved to Idaho. Moved to Oregon. All by the time I was in 5th grade. My feet desire to walk, and my soul desires to wander because of this.

Spent my entire life living in the country. Raised pigs. Raised goats. Raised cows. Sat in the mud. Sat in shit. Played all summer without wanting to go into town for anything. Busted my lip. Crashed my bike hundreds of times. Wore a swimsuit all summer and drove farm trucks with my best friends before we were old enough to drive. I am wild. I want to be free. I want an endless summer because of this.

Was the first person in my family to go to university. Studied the environment. Joined clubs. Found my voice. Became an activist. Filled my heart with awareness and shed tears for the dark things in the world. Volunteered to make a difference. Met people from all over the world. Learned to love all. Graduated and caught my first dream. I am determined. I am hard working. I can accomplish what I set my mind to because of this.

Dreamt that I would hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Told friends and family that I was dreaming. Kept dreaming. Chose dreams over a steady job. Began preparing for PCT. Arrived at Mexican border with no clue. Hiked the PCT. I am broken. I am open. I have felt what bliss feels like. I have been stripped of all walls. I know I can do anything. I will do what makes me happy because of this.